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Solar Asset For Sale

Solar Asset For Sale

Buy Profitable Solar Plants In India? Purchasing Solar Running Plant For Sale In Karnataka? Solar Power Plant For Sale In Telangana, Andhra Pradesh? Purchase Existing Solar Power Plants for Sale in AP, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, HP, UP, Bihar or any other Indian State? Solar Energy Company In Kolkata mediating Solar Running Plants In India for purchase of Operational Solar Plant for Sale. Bharat Solar Energy - The Top Indian Solar Power Company - The Solar Assets Management Company, Solar Assets Purchase & Solar Power Asset Sale, Solar O&M (Operations and Maintenance) Company in India, A Part of Solar Energy Asset Management Kolkata based Leading Solar Company presence Pan India providing complete Renewable Energy Solution! We have tied-up with Developers, Project Owners, Financiers, Stakeholders, Consortium Partners, Consultants, Govt. Entities, etc. Under Renewable Energy and Solar Energy Asset Management, we're the 1st Buyer & Seller Of Existing Solar Power Plants - The Premium Operational Solar Plants Asset Management Company as well as Solar Energy Group Of Solar Operations and Maintenance Companies In India. Bharat Solar Energy spreads it's Wings "Solar Power Plant Operating Asset Management And Acquisition".

As well as Bharat Solar Energy - the Top Solar Power Company in India provides Solar Projects Developing & Turnkey Project Solution. The only Solar Company in India providing Solar EPC & Solar Assets Management both service solution Pan India. Also we provide Rooftop Solar Plant Installation & Commissioning from KW Solar PV Plant to Ground Mount MW Solar Projects solution in Turnkey. BHARAT SOLAR ENERGY - The Top Solar Company in Kolkata, has proven record of delivery Solar, Wind and Biomass Power Projects from initial stage to Installation and Commissioning, Land Acquisition, Assessment of Energy Yield, Environmental Impact Assessment, Technical design and Construction for Turnkey Project Solution. BECOME BHARAT SOLAR ENERGY SOLAR ASSET AGENT FOR BUYING AND SELLING OUR PORTFOLIO OF SOLAR ASSETS, AND BE A NEXT "CROREPATI" OVERNIGHT. However, as per Solar Asset For Sale, and Wind Energy Asset For Sale concerned, please find the below Operational Running Solar And Wind Plants in some solar And Wind Energy Investment opportunity in Gujrat, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Bihar, HP and UP. Make the below deal under Bharat Solar Energy Guidance and Takeover process till the deal is materialized fully and completely.


  1. 35 MW Solar Power Plant (Tariff App 6/kwh) for sale
  2. 15 MW Solar Plant (Tariff above 7.5/kwh) for sale
  3. 20 MW Solar Plant (Tariff above 5/kwh) for sale
  4. 36 MW Solar Power Plant (Tariff App 4.5/kwh) for sale
  5. 46 MW Solar Power Plant (Tariff App 3.2/kwh) for sale
  6. 11 MW Solar Plant (Tariff App 5.5/kwh) for sale
  7. 23 MW Solar Plant (Tariff App 7.5/kwh) for sale
  8. 106 MW Solar Plant (Tariff App 3.5/kwh) for sale
  9. 110 MW Solar Power Plant (Tariff App 3.5/kwh) for sale
  10. 30 Mw Solar Power Plant (Tariff App @Rs. 9.24 Unit) for Sale
  11. 12 Mw Solar Running Plant (Tariff App @Rs. 7.74/kWh) for Sale
  12. 5 Mw Running Solar Power Plant PPA @Rs. 6.45 for Sale
  13. 5 Mw Running Operational Solar Plant PPA @Rs. 5.30 for Sale
  14. 5 Mw Running Solar power Plant PPA @Rs. 5.35 for Sale
  15. 5 Mw Operational Solar Power Plant for Sale in Gujarat, PPA@Rs.
  16. 15/kWh for 12 yrs & @Rs. 5/kWh for 13 yrs, Total 25 years Contract.


  1. 45 MW PPA (Tariff App 3.45/kwh) for sale
  2. 35 MW PPA (Tariff App 3.6/kwh) for sale


  1. 2.5 MW PPA (Tariff App 3.97/kwh) for Sale
  2. 50 Mw Off-Grid Solar Telecom Tower Projects PPA (Tariff App @4.70/Kwh for JV

Total Operating Solar Power Plants Asset Now More Than 950 Mw For Immediate Sale In India Including 132 Mw Solar Plant Sale In Rajasthan, and 30 Mw Solar Plant Asset Sale in UP. Now you can also invest in Ukraine for Utility-Scale Solar Power Projects in Odessa Region in JV. FIT is scheduled till 2030, and is considered as one of the highest PPA rates in Europe. We're the Brand Solar Products Supplier and Manufacturer in Kolkata, and Pan India. We have a Portfolio of 150 Mw, 132 Mw and 380 Mw other Operating Solar Power Plant Assets For Sale In India In Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, UP, MP, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana State! We procure Operating Solar Power Plants anywhere in India, Africa, Europe, USA, and worldwide for our Clients, and acquisition for our Solar Energy Portfolio. We're also buying Solar Power Plants who can't pay back their Bank Loan, and who are in financial trouble depending on PPA Rates! We are, at Bharat Solar Energy, Buying & Selling Existing Quality Solar Power Plants at best deal. If you are the owner of any Constructed or Completed Running Solar Power Plants, and like to sell to us, do provide us PPA Rate, Monthly & Yearly readings along with Technical specifications of your Operating Solar Power Plant. Existing Solar Power Plants must be of min.

1 Mw to 100 Mw Power Plant for Procurement. We invite Buyer & Seller to contact us to get you the best deal. We also connect Existing Solar Power Plants Buyer & Seller as a middleman. Contact us if you would like to purchase Existing Solar Power Plants at best PPA Rate or as a Seller you can contact us to get you the best deal for your Solar Power Plant provided you must have a PPA of best Rates. Therefore, we are inviting Existing Solar Power Plants Direct Buyers & Sellers, and Vendors to connect with us without any hesitation. We already made such deals successfully for our clients. Now 10 Mw in MP, 36 Mw and 10 Mw in Gujarat, 5 Mw in Haryana, 1.23 Mw in Maharashtra Operating Solar Plant Assets are available for Resale, and more than 250 Mw Projects With Land and PPA are available for Investors. We have Running Solar Power Plants In Rajasthan, and Pan India Available For Resale. Email us. We are also glad to mention that we have some shovel ready Solar Projects for Acquisition in 5 mw and 10 mw category. Also if you intend to procure Solar Power for your Company's Own Captive Consumption from Mw power, we can offer you then best rate. Required Commissioned Solar Power Plants With Signed PPA In India?! Selling NOW Operating Solar Plants Of 132Mw Operational Running Solar Power Plant and 10 Mw In Rajasthan, 36 Mw, 10 Mw, 5 Mw respectively In AP & Haryana, 1.23 Mw In Maharashtra. We have in total 750 Mw Solar Ground Mount Projects with PPA & land ready for commissioning. Please find the below details - few of our 250 MW Solar Power Projects with PPA & Land in hand!

  1. Dealing With Operating Solar Assets & Solar Power Plants Resale & Acquisition In India & worldwide.
  2. Dealing with Shovel Ready Projects with PPA, and Turnkey Solar Plant Construction, Materials Supply, Installation and Commissioning. As well as Consultancy & Liaisoning Service.
  3. Dealing With BOT basis Power Selling for Manufacturing Companies like Automotive Castings, Melting furnace wherein required maximum power consumption, and Big Organisations like Hospitals, Hotel Group, etc who require monthly huge amount of units Power Consumption. We're selling Units at Competitive rates from any requirement of above MW Power. Contract duration is 20-25 years. Minimum Monthly Electricity requirement must be of 10 lacs Units or above.

If you are interested to procure our Solar Products & Service do send us message via this Form fill-up or directly email us to: along with your tel no., and Company/Owner's details, LOI. We charge Facilitation Cost & Consultancy Per Mw basis. #Solar Plants EPC & Turnkey Project Development will cost you @Rs 4 Crs Per Mw.

Feature Also below services

  1. Solar Consultancy & PPA Obtaining Service,
  2. Solar Rooftop Design Service & Installation
  3. Purchase Solar PV Modules & Other Solar Products
  4. Land Acquisition For Solar Projects Pan India
  5. Modules Cleaning Service
  6. Ramming Machines Sale & Ramming, Pilling and Foundation Works
  7. Vendors Management
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