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Become SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Company's Associates, Business Partner, Solar Franchise Partner, Dealer, Distributor, Master Franchise Partner or Stakeholder in India for SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Products and Services, Operations and Maintenance, Management of Large Commercial MW Plants and Utility-Scale Solar PV Plants in India. It's a 5-years Agreement of Business Partnership Plan, what will be renewed automatically as an Active Partner. All below Options are Lucrative and No-Risk Solar Business Model what developed for our Business Partners. Hence, you can decide any option as per your Investment Capacity, and Commitment. We, at SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT, are engaged in providing Solar Energy Project Management, Energy Asset Management, Solar Power EPC, Operations and Maintenance, Complete Turnkey Solar Project Solution, Solar Panel Manufacturing, Complete Home Solar System, Solar Hybrid AC, Mini Solar Systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Stoves, etc. We're also focused in Build, Operate and Maintenance of Rooftop and Ground-mount Solar Plant Pan India. The below Options are available for our Business Partners (Basic Terms & Duties and Investment Structure). Read Our Scope of Works & Duties below:

  1. Become SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Liaisoning And Marketing Agent Of Renewable Energy And Power Sector/Solar Energy Business Consultant: To provide our service and solar products, Project Consultancy as well as to liaison with the Organisations or Individuals and to provide Solar EPC, I&C service, do become our Registered Commission Agent and Energy Business Consultant across India. BECOME SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLAR ASSET AGENT FOR BUYING AND SELLING OUR PORTFOLIO OF SOLAR ASSETS, & BE A NEXT MILLIONAIRE OVERNIGHT. As an Agent or Business Consultant, you are entitled to sell SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Products and Services as well as Running Solar Plants O&M under "Solar Energy Asset Management" and "Solar Asset For Sale", and thereby to participate in commission share. One-Time Registration Fee and Service Charge has to be paid @Rs. 5,000/= (Non-Refundable). Refer us to Families & Friends and Customers, and you can earn 10% Commission on 100% payment received from the customers. Target: 4-5 Lacs Business yearly.
  2. Stakeholder/Partner's Plan: Required Investment @Rs. 5 Lacs as a Stakeholder for venturing for OPEX Model (Build-Own-Operate) for Solar and Wind Energy System, Domestic and Industrial Solar Rooftop Plants, as well as for Operational Solar and Wind Asset Management. Expected Operating Profit yearly @30-40%.
  3. Franchise Vibhinna: Pay "Office Outlet" Franchise One-Time Service cost @Rs. 20,000/= incl Training (Non-Refundable) at your location, and without Training @Rs 10,000/= Or just buy Solar Panels or Solar Hybrid AC direct for Rs. 1,50,000/= to become a SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Franchise Partner. Time to Time Training and Franchise Brand Cost is FREE. Co-Branding Collaboration, 5 years long Technical Support, Solar Consulting Service incl Glow Signboard, 30 pieces Brochure. Installers, Technicians, Engineers for Turnkey Project Solution provided by SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT. There is also opportunity for Bajaj Finance EMI for Rooftop Plant. Your Benefits are: you do not need to pay any Salaries for Installers, Engineers, and Technicians during the Tenure. I&C Works, Project Execution will be done by SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Team only. Also at our Cost, we will provide you Solar Engineering Trainers. For Solar Training, Tickets and Accommodation is your scope, and Glow Signboard and Brochures at our cost. We will provide you local business and leads to handle also. TARGET: 2-3 Lakhs business yearly.
  4. Dealership: No Service cost. But you need to buy Solar Products of minimum 2 Lacs for your "Shop Outlet" for the 1st Billing. DEALERSHIP is for Solar Panels, Solar Rooftop, Solar Portable Systems, DC Induction Stove, Solar Induction Stove with SPV Module and Batteries with 2 hrs backup, Solar Hybrid AC, Solar Street Light, Solar DC Pump, Solar Mini Home Lighting System with 4-hrs back-up, as well as providing I&C Works, and Solar Operations & Maintenance by our TEAM. The One-Time Service Cost is included FREE Training, Glow Signboard, 50 pieces Brochure. Product Design, Solar Rooftop Plant Design and Installation, Solar Turnkey Project Solution and Management, Solar Consultancy, Technical Support is FREE. Yearly TARGET 3-4 Lacs.
  5. Distributorship: For Distribution Of SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Solar Rooftop System, Solar Products, Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Solar EPC Contracts, Installation and Construction works, Operations & Maintenance Services, Solar and Wind Energy Assets Management, become our Distributor per direct by purchasing Solar Products of 3 Lacs only for the 1st Billing. Distributorship ONE-TIME Service Charge is not required to pay. SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Exclusive Distributorship is for 2 Districts. Purchase Solar Panels or Solar Hybrid AC for an amount of Rs. 5 Lakhs for the 1st Billing to become Distributor of SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT. Training is Free incl 50 pieces Brochure, Glow Signboard. Brand Cost, Technical Support, Co-Branding Collaboration, Product Design, I&C Works, Rooftop Design & Installation Support, Consultancy is FREE. You are entitled to develop Franchise Partners/Dealers in the 2 Districts. And you will enjoy 40% Service Fee Plus Product Margin. TARGET: Yes. Yearly Target is Rs. 5-6 Lakhs Business. ##You are also welcome to become our Solar Stove Distributor.
  6. Seller's Plan (Systems Order Direct For Starting New Solar Business under SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT Brand): Purchase 150w Off-Grid System with 24-hrs Battery backup w/ Table Fan & 3 LED Lights. Price is @Rs 20,500/= Per Unit. MoQ: 20 Units. Or any other System of Customized System Designs as per your requirement. You have the Right then to use our Brand & become Business Partner. Training included. Yearly Business Target: 2-3 Lakhs.
  7. Master Franchise: Whole State Master Franchise: Pay to SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT for Master Franchise ONE-TIME Service Charge @ Rs. 90,000/=(Non-Refundable) incl 1 Mini Home Lighting System as well as Glow Signboard and Free 100 Brochures. Target: must be developed min. 12 Franchise Outlets in 1st year by MASTER FRANCHISE. The Master Franchise then will get 50% of Every Sub-Franchise Service Cost Plus Margin from Project Sales & Products. Use of Brand Name: SOLAR ENERGY ASSET MANAGEMENT, FREE Training. Solar Business Consultancy, Rooftop Design, Technical Support and Installation, Project Support is FREE. 50% Service cost from Sub-Franchise will be credited directly to Master Franchisee's account what must be developed by Master Franchise. TARGET: 8-9 Lakhs business yearly.

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